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The African Resource Network (AfResNet) was established with the vision of pooling the resources of a number of African experts to provide a comprehensive African information, intelligence and consulting service over the Internet to clients worldwide. AfResNet is coordinated and managed by Whitehouse & Associates and MBendi Information Services.

These two organisations are in a position to cover a wide-range of consulting and research areas including:

  • Economic overviews
  • Sectoral overviews
  • Product specific market research
  • Market Development
  • Market selection and prioritisation
  • Identification of trade partners
  • Marketing of products and services via the Internet

For consulting services outside of our areas of expertise, AfResNet has an extensive network of reliable specialists to whom projects can be referred. These include specialists in the field of project identification and financing, public relations and media management, consumer research, legal services and investment services.

Companies who wish to retain the services of AfResNet can submit their requests electronically. Requests will be assessed and a proposal outlining the scope of work and the costs involved will be submitted to you prior to the commencement of any work.

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